Self Riding Motorcycle Tours

There is no better way to explore Vietnam’s breathtaking landscapes, tasty local cuisines, and rich cultures than traveling by motorbike! If you’re a licensed and experienced motorcycle rider, jump on one of our motorcycles and cruise the beautiful land of Vietnam with us.

Whether you want to cruise the flatland of the Mekong Delta, the spectacular Central Highlands, the twisty mountain roads of Ho Chi Minh Trail, or the far North of the country, our uniquely guided Motorbike Tours will take you off the normal tourist routes to travel the regions that other travelers rarely get a chance to see.

We have carefully designed and selected our tours to provide you with the best possible riding experience highlighting cultural and historical sights, amazing natural landscapes, delicious local specialties, and the highest quality of accommodation in each region.

We at Easy Riders Vietnam know that going on a motorbike adventure holiday can be a once in a lifetime experience, which is why we endeavor to tailor our tours to suit our riders and try our best to go above and beyond to ensure everyone goes home exhilarated, with memories that will last a lifetime.

Join us for an amazing riding experience. Feel vibrant and free, while enjoying the Easy Rider Tours in Vietnam!

Easy Riders Vietnam Saigon to Hoi An

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