Frequently Asked Questions

We have a list of frequently asked questions about our Motorbike Tours in Vietnam.
If you don’t find the answers you need, then please don’t hesitate to send us an email via [email protected]

What is Easy Rider Vietnam?
Easy Rider Vietnam is a Vietnamese certified and professional tour guide who has been guiding foreign travelers by motorbike for over 20 years. You can’t discover the secrets of Vietnam without doing an Easy Rider motorbike tour. Each Easy Rider undergoes a rigorous background check, so you can feel comfortable and safe throughout your tour. The tour guides at Easy Riders Vietnam know Vietnam well like the back of their hands. You'll get a local experience unlike any other in Vietnam. Whether it’s traveling the Mekong Delta, exploring the mystery Central Highlands, or traversing through magnificent mountain passes in Northern Vietnam, you'll get involved in the local culture in a very unique way.
I saw many websites have the same name Easy Riders Vietnam on internet, do they belong to your company?
Our company has only 2 websites: and Other websites/companies try to get the same/similar names to capitalize on the exceptional reputation that we have been building for over 20 years in Vietnam.
Who owns Easy Riders Vietnam Company?
EasyRidersVietnam.Com runs and owns by Vietnamese certified, enthusiastic tour guides and motorcyclists who love to share the treasure of Vietnam and its spectacular motorcycle roads with wanderlust lovers from around the world.
What is the policy for bad weather?
As Vietnam is one of a tropical country, the climate is mostly warm, dry, and wet around July to September. In case you find it unsafe to go on a motorbike trip due to bad weather upon arrival, we suggest you follow the steps below: Contact us once your booking is confirmed and let us know your concern about the weather. You can ask about our suggestions as we know how to prepare for the trip. You can also discuss with us the options in case of bad weather on the trip date, such as rearranging the itinerary or changing the trip date. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for any help and we will do our best to help you.
Do you pick us up and drop us off at the airport?
Yes, we will pick you up at the airport and start the trip from there and drop you off at the airport at the end of our tour
Is there some sightseeing or just riding?
All our tours are designed to include some sightseeing time. There are a lot of interesting sights on the routes we will be taking and we have selected the best to fit the needs of our motorbike tours. We will suggest visiting museums, cultural sights, historic parts, and archaeological sites, being with the locals, and other activities that will make your travel experience more fulfilling and memorable.
How do I cancel the trip?
Please carefully go through the change and cancellation policy for bookings before submitting the cancellation form to us. The notice must also be given to your Local Expert before the trip date as soon as possible.
How many people can be in a tour?
We do these guided motorbike tours for individuals or small groups so the trips can be flexible and we can customize the tours to meet your needs
I’m travelling alone, is it possible to join an existing group?
Yes, of course! if you want to join an existing group, then please let us know, and we will try to link you with others.
How many kilometres do we ride per day?
We normally ride about 150 km per day as what we show you are in-between places, not only the destinations where you stay overnight.
Where do the Easy Rider Tour start from?
We meet and pick you up at the hotel where you stay, or at the bus/train station/ airport and start the trip from there.
What motorcycles are used for touring in Vietnam?
We will be riding a Suzuki En Sporty Naked Bike, one of the best motorcycle touring available in Vietnam.  We also have the Honda XR150L for riding off-road as the latest edition of our fleet. The cost to rent one of our motorcycles is included in the price of the tour. Please note: When you are in a group of riders, motorcycle riding on our tours is arranged in a convoy formation, with a tour guide leader in the front and a support vehicle at the rear. No independent riding is allowed during the tour.
How much should I spend for food and drinks per day?
Food and drinks are pretty cheap in Vietnam, and we don't travel to the big cities but the countryside of Vietnam so it's even cheaper than you expect. You might spend $12 US per person per day, including breakfast, lunch, dinner, and soft drinks (not alcohol drinks though! ;))
Where do I store my luggage when touring?
If you are a pillion passenger, then we put your luggage (rucksack) in waterproof bags and strap them nicely on the back of our motorcycle. You can lean back comfortably when you travel. And if you travel with suitcases and they are too heavy to carry on the bike, then we can send them to our last destination, we then collect them when we arrive. If you are a group of self-riders (more than 4 riders), we will provide a support van to take your luggage, eski for your cold drinks.
Are there any extra fees that I will have to pay on top of the listed price?
Please be informed that our tours are fully inclusive (accommodation, tour guide, motorcycle rental, helmet, gas, protection gear, waterproof bags/raincoat, and entry fees), and what you need to pay is just your food and drinks. So you can completely focus on your holiday, the sense of adventure and freedom. There are no hidden costs or other surprises during the ride with us!
What are the payment options in Vietnam?
Vietnamese people prefer to be paid by cash (in Vietnam Dong). You can check the exchange rate between your country's currency and Vietnam Dong at You don't need to exchange your money in advance or bring a lot of cash to Vietnam as you are able to withdraw cash at the ATMs which are available every day on our tours.
There are many websites claiming themselves as "original Easy Riders" on TripAdvisor. Are they "original" Easy Riders in Vietnam?
The people, who claim themselves as original easy riders on TripAdvisor, stole our tour itineraries and contents, and even the descriptions on our social media. The multitude of imposters might cause you confusion when you look for us on the internet. However, once you’re actually here with the original Easy Riders Vietnam and experience our services for yourself, you’ll know that you’re with the right company dedicated to creating an exciting, interactive, and dynamic trip that will create memories to last a lifetime.
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